Friday, April 26, 2013

Hey everyone,

I know it's been forever...i know...but I know it's time i was back! RIGht?! hehe...missed u guys!!!!!!

I wanted to do a review for you guys, on this here product :

I'm very excited that a mainstream drugstore/supermarket brand has finally jumped on this lil no shampoo bandwagon...for what's its worth, L'Oreal has one too, in their Evercreme line which smells amazing as well. This however, is almost exactly three times the size...check this sucker out beside a regular herbal essences conditioner.

Yah! This baby has 22.8 FL Oz and i'm uggghhh so in love. I used this for the first time to "co-wash" my hair (as a curly girl i love that they took the time to speak my language!). And i used a regular conditioner amount...if i felt i needed more i just squirted a lil more. First of all, it smells great, Pantene always smells great anyways...and it FELT great. My first thoughts were literally...."my hair thanks me". It's like a smoothie in a bottle for my hair, so moisturizing!!!! After i followed the instructions of massaging it into my hair and leaving it on for a minute, i rinsed and towel wrapped my hair. Detangling was a breeze with this too! And i didn't feel a real need for leave in conditioner. Running my hands through my hair I was like oh man i wish i was wearing my hair curly today!!! When i wear my hair curly, usually i have to spray water+leave-in conditioner in to get it feeling moist and giving it a bit of slip. With this? I didn't need to! I roller set it and went under the dryer and it stayed "wet" and moist feeling the entire time. Usually i'd have to spray at least the ends by then.  I LOVE how my hair was just holding the moisture and water in!

The only con i'd say is i can't understand any of the ingredients except Coconut Oil. I like to know that i'm using mostly natural products but this is so much value for so little money that I will bypass. It's not staying in my hair for more than a minute anyway right?

LOVE IT! Have you tried this yet?