Monday, November 30, 2009

Recreation of The Original Queen Bee's Makeup Look

Hey girls,

How are ya?? I hope for my American ladies, that you had a good thanksgiving and black lucky! :) haha...

Anyway, I dunno about you but the next person I'm about to tell you about, is crazy talented with her eyeshadow combos!!!! She wows me everytime with how creative she is...and there was one in particular that made me eager to try and recreate. Her name is Alejandra, and her blog is

If you're an eyeshadow combo look fanatic def sub to her!

So on to the look....I'll show pics of her look and of check out the feature on her website click here:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maybelline Mascara Showdown!

On left eye (your left) : Upper lashes- Lash Stiletto, Lower Lashes- Colossal, On right eye : Upper lashes - Pulse Perfection and on Lower Lashes- Lash Stiletto
(click it to see it closer)
My lashes without anything on them :)

So my thoughts??

Of all three, Lash Stiletto is the one I love the most! It gives me lots of length and even volume!! I seriously love this one!!!

Okay, I'm trying not to be biased because I have the Lancome Oscillation mascara (thanks to DE from - I won this) but Pulse Perfection didn't come close for me! I don't know if this is because the formula is waterproof...since I haven't used waterproof in a while, I have no idea if they are usually a bit drier in formulation than regular mascaras... but this certainly didn't give my lashes any drama! The button requires much more effort as well than Oscillation, and I could see this annoying some ppl. I mean I had to seriously use strength to press this thing, whereas with Oscillation you just barely touch it and its good to go! ANDDD if I didn't have Oscillation, I still wouldn't be over the moon with this mascara....I much prefer Lash Stiletto or my all time fave for Maybelline the Define-a-lash Volume! I remember the first time I used the Oscillation mascara, I almost jumped out my skin because my lashes looked sooooo false!!! Geez I got tons of length and at first sight practically....not to mention the wonders of going over the lashes after with the Lancome Hypnose mascara that for me is magic! I think my next mascara purchase will be Hypnose!

Colossal I didn't love the first time I tried at a beauty supplies store, but decided to try it anyway! And I must say it's really not that bad lol! I love this one too, maybe not as much as Lash Stiletto but this one impressed me more than Pulse Perfection....for sure! I know that in the pic I only have it on the lower lashes but actually, for me, this is where it counts! If a mascara doesn't make those lower lashes look like they came right off of a doll..don't even bother with it! LOL! I think Colossal did a much better job on the lower lashes than the Lash Stiletto tho, based on the pic especially! So...just goes to show, don't knock it till you tried it! :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

All kinds of sights for you to see!!

Kleancolor Neon Purple

Victoria's Secret lipgloss - Tropicool

Makeup mania!!!
Avon Ultra Color Rich lipsticks - Apricot Nude, Delicate pink

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss- Toast To Shine , Mary Kay Signature Lipgloss - Melon Sorbet

MAC Dazzleglass - Smile

Brucci - Amelia's Amethyst

Kleancolour Barbie Pink

Saturday, November 21, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze : Sexy in the City

Here's a beautiful blue for you to feast your eyes on! :) I bought this blue and blogged about it a long time ago and just never tried it yet! Tsk tsk tsk, so many to try, only two hands!

But alas, it makes its debut! It's such an eye-popping bright blue with turquoise shimmer/iridiscence! I love went on very smoothly too, unlike an Essie i just tried...:( Anybody know how to get Essie light pinks to work?

Anywho, hope u love! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Avon Nail Polish Swatches

Hey lovelies!

It's been forever right? I dunno...just haven't been feeling very enthused about posting anything in particular lately..but today I have something to show you! They are nail polishes from Avon : Textured Teal and Nocturnal. Avon has a special now, so I got them both for $5.99.

They both applied pretty well! The brush was the perfect size, and Textured Teal, if applied properly and carefully, grants us the luxury of only having to use one coat! It's that rich!! It's not really what I thought it would've been because when I think of teal, I think of more of a green-blue with more green, this looked more like their other nail polish called Classic Fit, well based on the swatch in the book. It is more like navy blue if you ask me...but while this is debatable I still love the colour and shall rock the heck out of it! :)

Nocturnal is a medium brownish-gray colour that I really love. There is no getting Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic out here....but I love that colour and that was my sole inspiration for trying this! Although this is more brown than grey obviously, i still love it! It's different from any other nail polish I own and trust me I have like 50 bottles or more now....(smh) and that's one thing I love about's quite a unique shade for :)
Another bonus for Avon polishes are that they are formaldehyde, phthalate, and toluene free! YAY!

Thursday, November 5, 2009 addiction lol

So, I've been on the hunt for a lipgloss that will make my lips look like they're naturally light pink (without having to put on a lipstick to create that light pink). Shimmer....shine...are a bonus!

So, I was looking for a MAC lipgloss called Morning Glory that I know does that, which is realllly pretty as well....I couldn't find that, but I found MAC's lipglass in Cultured which is a tad darker but gives that light pink, shimmery effect. So while in the store, I was about to purchase Cultured, then I don't know, I started browsing The Body Shop lippies and found one that looked exactly like Cultured....obviously for half the price lol if not half, obviously less. So, with baited breath I took The Body Shop's Hi-Shine Lip Treatment in Party Pink. After the deed was done, immediately I wiped off what I had on my lips in hopes that this would not disappoint. I had no prior experience with any of The Body Shop's lipglosses so I had no idea what on earth to expect!
So anyway, I applied it and needless to say grinned from ear to ear, thrilled that it was indeed exactly what I wanted!

There are so many good things to say about this's nice and sticky ( I LOVE STICKY), to me, sticky means a longer wear, but I also noticed that my hair didn't stick to my lips as much as it does with other glosses, so good for them on that! The other thing is, it really is SHINE, it's super sparkly as well, all the micro multi-coloured sparkles really amp up this gloss. Lastly, the scent....the website says it's passion fruit, it is sooooo yummy!!!!!!! The website also says this about it:
  • Pearl pigments give lips a glimmering finish.
  • Provide effective hydration with an ultra-glossy, dermatologist-approved formulation that is long-lasting and non-sticky.
  • Moisturizing Community Trade marula oil from Namibia helps to repair skin’s moisture barrier, leaving lips soft and supple.
All in all, I'm in love...I've even eaten and had a drink and my lips still felt like my gloss never moved...didn't look in a mirror but I could feel that it was still there... I'm so impressed and glad that I tried this. I had this weird preconceived notion that these glosses were going to be more on the slippery side (Cover Girl Wet slicks) and not so pigmented (think some of the Beauty Rush glosses) but it is not!!! For which I am glad!!!

What are your favourite glosses of the moment??

Look at all the sparkles....i loooooove!!!
This is the actual colour of the lipgloss.

Maybe it's time to put myself under the popular ban!!