Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Itty Bitty Haul + NOTD

Hey lovely ladies,

How are ya??? I hope that all is well, it's rainy here in JA and therefore cooled down a bit, for which I AM GLAD! Dang it's been hot!

Anyway...on to the pics...

Color Club Nail polish : Lazer Pink (this color is soooooo bright! I LOVEEE! I had such a hard time trying to pick up the neon goodness of this pink.... you can kinda see it in the one below...

You see the real shade of pink on my toes in the pic below...

Jordana Easy Liners in Blue Denim and Sea Green, Aquafina lip balms (I LOVEEE), Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Twinkled Pink, L'Oreal l/g in Berry Burst (Sheer colour juice), VS Beauty Rush l/g : Passion Fruit Pop x 2!!

Okay...Revlon Lipstick in Twinkled Pink ( IIII LOOOOVE THIS) (above the eye liner swatches), Jordana Easy liner in Blue Demin and Sea Green (dang these are soo pretty and soo inexpensive, creamy and rich! I LOVE) and from L-R: L'Oreal Sheer Colour Juice Lipgloss in Berry Burst and VS Beauty Rush lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop - this is so pretty I had to buy 2. You see, my lips are very pigmented, so it's hard to get a nice baby pink, glossy lip (without lipstick and the whole she bang)....I'd been eyeing this one from NY but didn't get it, so I was elated when I saw it here and picked it up right away. I tried it out after lunch and this is alllll I've been searching for!!! It would seem that I have naturally baby pink or light pink lips...but I don't and that's the point! So I'm glad I found this!!!!! YAY!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Twinkled Pink (such a pretty baby pink shade, exactly what I was looking for...and VS Beauty Rush Lipstick in Passion Fruit Pop on top)

SIMPLE! This will be the first in a long time that I'll be using a "system" if you may....cleanse, tone, moisturize. I was actually out to get the Simple Facial Wipes, but it seems the store was out and so i said I'd try this instead...Sooooo I'll def tell you how that goes...so far so good though, it's not in the least irritating, and my skin feels reaaalllly soft! I'm loving this so far! The eye makeup remover (the one that's laid down) hmmm....still on the fence, i have to rub quite a few times to get my mascara off....apparently the wipes do a much better job?? ANYWAY....the cost for these are quite reasonable and my skin seems to be loving all this simple goodness so, pure love thus far! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

NYC HAULAGE!!!! (and pics)

Hey ladies, so you know I was away for a lil bit, earlier this month...and here are the goodies!

This was hubby and I on our anniversary vacation. :)

....home at last hahaha

My cousin, sister and I at the Village Underground in NY
My Lisa, Lesa and I

in TIMES SQUARE BABY (it's my first visit to NY, see with me)
I thought this was cute lol oh and I know the sweater has nothing to do with my outfit but it was soooo cold and it was the only "small enough to hold in my bag" sweater I had!!
I just had to capture this

I know it needs rotating but you know what this is!!!! The largest dept store on earth haha
We met some prettttyy cool ppl who can ssinnnnggggg dang it!

Chaz Shepherd or Trey from The Game on CW :) I didn't even know it was him at this point, he sang and I was soooo blessed I was like I need a pic to remember this dude!!
Okie, hope you ennjoyeeddddd

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NOTD: Sinful Colours Professional : What's Your Name

So I think everyone knows that the darks are back for fall! We don't have fall in Jamaica but it certainly doesn't stop us from being trendy! Heck no!!! So, this is my first time wearing a real true black nail polish....I never thought I'd wear a black....(Khloé Kardashian made me do it!!) haha, but seriously this is one gorgeous nail polish, not only is it a rich beautiful black but it has light blue/teal/purple flecks in it, colour varies with the angle, which spices it up!!! I looooveeee this nail polish and IT IS Toulene free etc... :) It also wears very well.. I've had it on since last week Tuesday and I took this pic just now, I only had edge wear, but I put nail polish on my edges for the pics. I don't know if it's safe to say this doesn't chip easily, but I do know that my Sally Hansen top coat helps a lot, and also I think a major factor may be in the application. I always seal it on the edge of my nail after every coat.

This looks like it could come from the Barielle Fall Collection for 2009 called All Lacquered Up....except this only costed $1.99.

Touching Thursdays: Dr. Oz's 10 Major Agers

Hey ladies!!

Dr. Oz

I am just sooooo lovin' Dr. Oz's new talk show!!!! If you don't know Dr. Oz, then you should know that he's an accomplished Doctor and has been a featured health expert on the Oprah Winfrey show for a number of years who now has his own show!!! It's like it was made for us women, I mean he even had a show where he talks about the bacteria living in our handbags, and on our makeup, cell phones, ...the VAGINA....underwear...how to wash your thong!!!Anyway...of course he discusses other important things like food, weight, swine flu, even poop. This is very important to our health ladies, to have our insides working well so that we can be beautiful without the need for a lot of topical "stuff". I can't get enough of Dr Oz's Show and if you can, I think you should check it out!! You can watch video clips and read articles from the show on his website too, drozshow.com .

Today however, he addressed the 10 major agers that can be found in our homes! This can be found here for greater detail. But the one I am going to mention is Toulene....yes, we all know it, cause it's all up in our nail polishes!!!

Here's why he says this is an ager:

8. Toluene

Toluene, a solvent found in nail polish, paints and when petroleum-based paraffin candles are burned can cause nervous system damage. Naturally scented beeswax, soy or vegetable candles and natural alternatives to nail products are a better choice.

ANndddddd, I know a lot of us love our scented candles right?? Read this :

6. Air Fresheners and Fragrance Candles

Everyone likes their home to smell clean and fresh but synthetic fragrances that waif through the air can negatively affect the quality of indoor air, damage lung tissue and airways and irritate the eyes. Keep it real. If your house is clean it shouldn't smell.

So there you go! I hope you'll check out the show and read the rest of agers, because you know we all want to drink from the fountain of youth!!

On a side note, I'm really loving the Wendy Williams show!!!! (Woot woot) haha, she is so vibesy, and she is ever keeping it real!!! She loves talking about her wigs lol, and whatever else is fake, and I just llooove her nude lips, seems like a signature for her! I love how she talks with her guests, her expressions, just hilarious...so check her out too! I'm also loving the Tyra Show this season too!!! Are you feeling her natural hair? Kudos to her for doin that! Also, One Tree Hill is backkkk :) YAY!!!! And I'm liking The Vampire Diaries!! I'm hooked on the CW on week nights lol...AND late nights are for Sex and the City re-runs!! Alright ladies....share with me what else you think I'd like to watch and what you're loving??

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Share the Love!

Hey ladies, so I just wanted to share links to some youtubers I found today and can't believe I hadn't found them sooner esp the first link!


I also have my die-hard faves that I look forward to vids from like (in random order): Pixiwoo, makeupgeektv, kuuipo120, ginabinawina99, panacea81, kandeejohnson, mizzchievious, queenofblendingmua, lollipop26, thestylediet, lovepeaceandlipgloss, julieg713, makeupbytiffanyd...and the list goes onnnnnn!!!!! I've subscribed to about 200 channels, I can't possibly write all of the ones I heart!!! So let me stop right now...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey! Hey! Heyyyyy!!!

Gracious me, it's September ALREADY!!! It's been about two weeks since I posted an entry, I know, it's because I have been away for the past two weeks. I went to Boston, Worcester, and NY then back to Boston to come back to JA!

It was really a great time, I went up for a Gospel Concert in Boston which was such a blessing! God works in mysterious ways I tell you, and when we don't understand what is taking place, just trust and you will see it all come together. The only sad thing was I had to leave hubby for the ten days and I'd never left him like that before...so you can imagine the reunion when I got back home right? hahahahaha It's soooo great to be home!

Okay back to the fun part, when I got to NY the REAL shopping started! All the things I'd ever read about online and all the collections and all the drugstore products that are not in Jamaica...this was now my chance to browse and see for myself. It was soooo great to see all the things I'd read about for so long! I bought a bunch of stuff...from Revlon lipsticks, the infamous Nude Attitude from the Matte Collection, finally I was able to get the Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara, and thanks to GinaBinaWina99 from Youtube I also got the Glam Eyes lash flirt mascara and the Jordana fabuliner! The fabuliner seems great!!! I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but because it's a pen it seems to give lots of control helping you to make the best line possible. I bought two of those just in case I fell in love, I mean it's only $1.99 I wish I bought the remaining 3 haha. I also got some L'Oreal Color Juice sheer glosses - Bubblegum and Tutti Frutti. I couldn't find Bubblegum out here anywhere!!! So that was the first thing i looked for when I got to the drugstore! They are both so pretty and I love my lipglosses sticky, to me that means they will last longer on my lips, and I wore Tutti Fruti one day from about 11:30am till about 6pm and I was snacking and all that and it was still in place. ANDDD it is SUCH a pretty pink!!
I also finally got MAC's Fix +, Blanc Type eyeshadow, a Studio Fix Powder (duty free from the airport), and 2 Dazzleglasses! I LOVEEEE these!! I got Rue D' Rouge and Rags to Riches! Sooo pretty! MY HG for right now are Dazzleglasses. Maybe when I get to owning a YSL, Chanel or Guerlain I will change my mind ;) .
I also got some Jordana eyeliners, which are sooo creamy. I can't believe it!! I will be looking out for some more out here! I also got some of the Victoria's Secret lipglosses, soooo pretty!!!! I'm sure you all know and have tons of those!!
I went to Sephora too, and had a heck of a time! I didn't buy anything though, but it was good to see things in person so now I can buy online! I tried the MUFE Duo Matt Powder Foundation and loved that!!!
On the fashion front, I also got some sweeeet deals on clothes and shoes. It seems I went to the US at the RIGHT time!!! My suitcase weighed like 48 lbs, i went up with 26 lbs....plus a carry on bag with clothes in case you know, you don't get your suitcase! I got lots of tops and dresses and shoes!!! Just what I wanted!! I'm talking about going to Macy's and getting a beautiful dress on sale for $4.99!!!!

This has been long but I just had to share!!!! I'll share some pics soon!!!Alright ladies, hope you all are just as great since the last time I wrote! Let me know how you beauties are doin!!

Touching Thursdays: Christine Kane Feauture:- The Highly Underrated Art of Falling Apart

Click here for Christine's Blog. As you all know I love her blogs, they are just so inspiring and so I wanted to share this one with all of you. Enjoy...

Today’s post was written by guest blogger, Emily Long. Emily is a Social Media Assistant and Time Rescuer for entrepreneurs and creative people who’d rather spend their precious time on their genius work. Emily is also a published poet and writer. Click here to find her on Twitter.

Someone said to me recently how amazed she was because I seemed to have it all together. She told me I am focused and clear about what I’m doing.


In actuality, I’m making my life up as I go and shifting directions all the time. After many years of mastering how to hold it all together, I’ve spent the last couple years learning to fall apart. (Yes, I wrote “LEARNING” to fall apart.)

What I learned is that falling apart is highly underrated.

For years falling apart meant having to face uncertainty and trusting myself to be able to handle whatever came up. I wasn’t willing to go there. So I simply refused to do it.

I clung desperately to things, relationships, places, and jobs even when I knew I needed to let them go. I stayed insanely busy to avoid thinking about how unhappy I was with much of my life. I stayed busy to avoid years of grief and tears that were buried inside waiting for me to fall apart and release them.

On the surface, I appeared successful and put together. I appeared productive and focused. I was. I was successful, put together, productive, and focused on a path that was not my soul path. Not allowing myself to fall apart was keeping me miserable.

I remember clearly the first time I really allowed myself to fall apart. It wasn’t very pretty. I got in my car one night after work and drove nearly 5 hours to the beach. I sat on the beach and sobbed. The blotchy, snot all over your face, gasping for breath kind of sobbing.

I cried for loved ones who had died through the years. I cried for the pain I’d experienced as a child. I cried for knowing that I hated where I lived. I cried for knowing that many of the relationships in my life weren’t healthy ones. I cried for knowing that I was on the wrong career path and didn’t know how to get off. I cried for everything and nothing.

Then I got back in my car and went back to the life I hated.

My hour of falling apart didn’t magically change everything for me. It simply opened up space for change to start. Most importantly, it taught me that I could fall apart and still be okay. I still practice the art of falling apart – but now I do it with a little more grace and acceptance. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way…

• Falling apart can take different forms.

Falling apart can be internal – taking down protective walls around my heart, releasing limiting beliefs, or simply letting myself cry.

Other times it’s external – quitting the profession I hated, letting go of relationships, getting rid of all the furniture and stuff I no longer liked, or moving to a new state (although, most external falling apart is really an out picturing of internal falling apart).

• Falling apart can be terrifying and messy and chaotic. Or not.

Falling apart isn’t about drama. It’s about release.

Falling apart is the release of what isn’t working in my life. It can be something big or something very simple. I’ve learned that I know more, and can handle more, than I give myself credit for. And that falling apart gets easier with practice.

• Being “in control” makes me feel safe. That’s pretty much the only benefit.

Falling apart, however, has countless benefits. It opens me up. It reconnects me with my heart and soul. It shows me the wisdom and courage I already have. It clears out all the muck I hold inside. Falling apart is healing. It allows me to grow and expand. It shows me beauty and joy and delight. It lightens me.

• Falling apart can create space for something new (and better.)

A mentor of mine talks about trusting passionately in the chaos of the process. That’s what falling apart means for me – trusting passionately in the chaos of my process. Life is all a process. Trusting in that process brings so much freedom and joy.

Trust your process. Un-tether your wings. Discover your joy. Fall apart.