Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Speechless.....gone too soon: RIP MICHAEL JACKSON

Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009

I can't believe that after writing my post yesterday about living life and making sure to enjoy the gift of life and living it to the ultimate, I now have to write about the death of the GREATEST entertainer the world has ever seen and will ever see.

This is the reason why I sing! I grew up like so many others on his music, Dangerous was the first album I ever owned by Michael Jackson, then I got to know older songs and obviously the newer ones. I was in love with him, oh gosh, do you know when you watch the concerts on TV and you see the people crying and everything? I would be in my parents' room crying watching it on the tube! Man oh man, did I love me some Michael Jackson....I'm deeply saddened, but grateful that he never left us empty handed. He left us with decades worth of creative genius and this truly inspires me to reach for the stars and develop my talent! I heard the song "Cry" by Michael Jackson, and he has a line in it that says, 'we can all cry, at the same time tonight'... truly, the news of his passing made the whole world cry at the same time. I still can't even believe it, it's just not real right now....noooo....

You'll forever be in our hearts Michael, may your soul rest in peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Touching Thursdays: LIVE YOUR LIFE!

So this is a very somber post...just last weekend, my Uncle passed away, he was sick and he lived to be 79, but it is never easy to see your loved one be buried into a hollow hole in the ground. :(
It was even more so heartbreaking that the funeral was the day before Fathers Day, and I felt for his 7 children and 22 grandchildren etc.... He had a really great sense of humour and was a really good role model for my Dad since he was about 30 years older than my Dad.
And then just yesterday, I heard that my friend's mom passed away in her sleep...she was pretty young probably in her 50's and it's just sad and it reminded me that, death is certain and to be more positive, that is all the more reason to LIVE!

We have so many fears that stop us from being and doing all we are and living to our full potential! There is so much that we allow to stand in our way, whether it's the daily struggles that we face, or it's that friend we won't forgive, or that person that really hurt us that we said we forgave but we really didn't.....life is just way too precious and valuable for us to not live it to the fullest!

One way of living life to the fullest is being grateful and thankful for everything! OR finding something to be thankful for and taking the time to reflect on these things before going to bed. That helps you to wind down the day, think about alllll the events of the day, and just taking a breather and giving thanks before going to sleep. I have a gratitude book that was put out by THE SECRET (you know that documentary) which helps me to put down on paper what I am thankful or grateful for today and what I want to be grateful for tomorrow! So it also helps me write down my hopes and then I get to measure when it happened.

So what are you thankful for today?? I'm thankful for life itself, and the power of being alive and I'm thinking about what I can do with my life to really live it and make my mark.

What are you going to do to just live your life??

NOTD: L.A. Girl Nail Lacquer - HOT PINK!

I'm in a long nails, bright popping pink mood! So I pulled out my LA Girl Nail Lacquer in HOT PINK to satisfy the craving lol, I've had this polish since earlier this year, but some how I never used it, but right now I am loving it! It's a really jelly like, with no shimmer, and it kinda has an orange/pink shocking vibe, which is great, cuz shocking neon orange just doesn't really work on me....so this lovely mixture is bliss!!

This is with 3 coats and top coat, I think next time I will use a sheer white base coat instead of clear so that the tips of my nails aren't visible...it's very summery isn't it!?

What are you wearing on your nails?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Touching Thursdays: Be Someone's Encourager - Christine Kane

In our beauty blogging world of beauty, it's also so important to develop the beauty we were born with, the one on the inside, the one that exudes no matter what our outer beauty is like....the spirit deep within us. So I came up with Touching Thursdays, every Thursday I will post something encouraging, inspiring and motivating, that hopefully will touch you, my lovely readers!

Today, I want to share with you a post from one of the inspirational blogs I subscribe to - christinekane.com.

I love anything that will inspire me as a woman, and person, mentally, spiritually & emotionally....so I wanted to share this with all of you beautiful women!

You can click on the link to be led to her post or read it below...


Today’s guest post was written by Sue Ludwig, a neonatal occupational therapist and a published poet. Sue is a consultant to neonatal intensive care units around the country and a national speaker. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
-Edith Wharton

We all need an encourager.

Someone who is truly happy for our successes. Someone who reminds us how strong and powerful we are when we feel momentarily defeated.

Encouragers don’t promise rainbows and sunshine. They promise presence, wisdom and great energy.

They choose to be the mirror that reflects our light.

Using that clear, nonjudgmental, revealing mirror, they reintroduce us to ourselves.

Our encouragers never see us as less than we are. When we’re writhing around in self-pity, they stand a few feet away waiting until we’re over our fit. We look up and there they are again holding the mirror.

We see we’re simply so much more than that moment.

We get up, brush ourselves off, and thank them.

Christine is an amazing encourager. In part because she set the intention to be such a person. And in part because it brings her such joy to reflect another’s light and watch it multiply.

The best way to show gratitude for your encouragers is to be one yourself.

I originally wrote this poem for someone who needed such encouragement. She had spiraled to a place where she could no longer see her true powerful self. The poem made her cry not because she couldn’t believe she was wonderful, but because deep down she knew it to be true.

Please send it on to anyone who needs your encouragement. Reflect their light and watch it spread.


You will begin to feel your weariness abate.

Your loneliness, your brokenness is being mended
carefully, slowly,
so as to remain steadfast over time.

Your fears are being replaced
by the pure power
of love
like spring rain,
like a waterfall cascading over your shoulders
with its raw beauty and power.

Your strength will awaken
like the first sight of sun after
days of rain
and you will stand
in awe of your forgotten self,
the self who kept you moving
one foot in front of the other
through these years of pain.

You will begin to realize what your soul
has known all along

you have always been whole
always been loved.

You are in need of healing
not in need of perfecting,

a gift to those in your life
who will always be blessed
by the incredible wonder

of you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NOTD: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - Purple Potion

This shade is such a beautiful metallic/iridiscent purple with a plum-purple base colour! It has a beautiful violet sheen, which looks more blue in the pics but more purple/violet in real life. It really is one of my favourite purple shades to date! I love purples!! This purple would definetly be flattering on any skintone! I Loveeee! :) Plus, it reminds me of MAC Violet Fire....but not streaky!!!

P.S. I'll show you my newest purples soon....flat and beautiful!!!! Think...China Glaze Spontaneous (which I am lemming!!! and have tried to create!! you know me, if i can't get it, i'll make it!)

In daylight:

With flash/indoors, to capture the violet iridiscence:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keyshia Cole's Makeup for TRUST music video

Okay...so as promised, here's the Keyshia Cole makeup tutorial! I had a lot of fun recreating these looks, they are so gorgeous and just a great use of colour and texture and CREATIVITY!

So...hope you have fun watching!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monica's Makeup in the Keyshia Cole feat. Monica - TRUST music video

Here's a link to the actual vid and the vid for Keyshia's makeup is coming up too!!!

St Ives Elements Microdermabrasion for a baby bottom smooth face!

OMG! I got this yesterday and tried it today. I have horrid pores, gosh, they just open up their big eyes and say, "look at me" hahaha, I also have some pitting from past acne issues...anyway, so I've been meaning to get some form of microdermabrasion product, I was thinking of getting something from Olay, but I saw this St. Ives one and said....let me try it.

I used it today! While rinsing, and thereonafter, my face has felt as smooooooth, as a baby's bottom if not smoother!!! I am NOT kidding! I couldn't believe how incredulously smooth my skin was.
I think I'm in love! No more Neutrogena Scrubs for me!

It has really fine crystals, and it's really gentle too, so you don't feel like you're doing anything harsh to your delicate facial skin...here's what St. Ives says about it:

Daily Microdermabrasion

Gently reveals younger looking, refined skin. Gentle enough for every day use

From America's #1 Scrub brand*, this award-winning daily Microdermabrasion scrub gently exfoliates to reveal younger looking, refined skin.

  • With fine mineral crystals, chamomile & vitamin E
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • 100% Natural Extracts
  • Formulated without Parabens and Phthalates
  • Does not contain animal ingredients
  • Not tested on animals

how to use

Moisten face with water. Dispense product onto fingertips and massage over face. Rinse with water. Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. For best results use daily.

All in all, I hope it will really help to even out my skin's texture, if not, it's a fabulous scrub for under US$10!!

Baby Mama lotion for Non Baby Mamas!

I don't know why or how I didn't think of it sooner....how many times have I walked by this product in the supermarket or the pharmacy without taking a second look because it said pregnancy and motherhood. I mean DUH, being that it's made for a baby mama, certain ingredients would be eliminated and it would be an excellent hydrator...Ladies, I'm talking about this :

This is what Curel says about it:

CurĂ©l® Life's Stages® nurturing comfort® Moisture Cream was developed with OB/GYNs to address dry skin issues during pregnancy. This fast-absorbing cream helps your skin withstand the changes of pregnancy by increasing elasticity over 100%, helping to smooth the appearance of stretch marks. It also relieves dry, tight skin, making it soft and comfortable, including postpartum skin. It's even safe to use on your baby. Size: 8.5 oz

  • Paraben & petrolatum free
  • Dermatologist & OB/GYN tested
  • Non-greasy
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Hypoallergenic

ANDDDD it smells sooooooooo good...it's a nice mix of clean and fruit/flower....which is RIGHT up my alley. ANDDDDDD it has collagen and elastin!!!! Good stuff huh??!! I think so!!!

I got sunburnt, despite my sunblock, whilst on a photo shoot on Sunday for my friend's album cover ( I was MUA), and so my shoulders are looking really burnt and dry. I put some of this stuff on my shoulders and sunburn who??? It's looking and feeling sooo hydrated! I have dry skin issues, but my skin is also sensitive so this seems perfect. I have a pesky excema spot that I'm going to see if this lotion irritates. I'm also a paraben free etc etc junkie....where I can really help it, I prefer to go that way! SO i'm really happy about it being paraben free too!

Also the ingredients are just very basic, they even go as far as to say what each is for eg. Cetearyl Alcohol (Stabilize) ... I have always wondered what that ingredient was for!

CUREL THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS so that I, a non baby mama (well not just yet...give hubby and I a couple years alone first hehe) could enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Milani Neon Lights Nail Polish-NOTD

Hey ladies!

I'm loving the bright, bold, neon nail trend and I recently got the Milani Nail Polish in Neon Lites (as seen in previous haul blog). SO here it is on my nails with a sheer white base coat and 3 coats of the Neon Lites. If you click on them you'll see the sparkles, i love it1 it's so bright and NEON!! Love!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

LOTN - Look of the NIGHT!

Helloooo beauties! Last night, I went to a dinner and grand opening of a newly refurbished store that a close family friend owns, and the dresscode was formal. I didn't have a clue what to wear and I was taking pics of myself in outfits and sending to cousins, friends...for opinions haha...i needed it asap! Anyway, I decided on a lovely regal shade of purple satin top, with tied to the side, H&M black pants ( I LOVE THEM) and threw in the belt (iridiscent purple stones) for some sass and well the shoes dressed it up even more...the bag is Nine West, I wish I had a clutch for that real classy look but such is life!! (That's me and my sis Lisa) My sis, bro and I sang at the event...My sister is so talented, she MADE that dress!

My Lady Gaga glasses:
Close up: I used Revlon's Colorstay Foundation in 360, Nixie Ivory 7 for concealer but it's really a creme foundation, Revlon Bronzer for contour and Nicole Miller blush-Peach Satin, lipgloss was one I made myself haha....you know, being broke really unleashes your creative skills! I blended up pinks and peaches with gold and clear glosses to create the perfect coral that I have always wanted...it works because I can control how much pink it has or how much peach....anyway, at this point i might've layered some VS Beauty Rush lipgloss in Mango Madness over it, which is a baby pink with silver sparkle so...that's that for that! :)

A close up pic of the eyes. I used the new Girlactik eyeshadow in Haute that I blogged about the other day on the lid, and MAC Grey Grape in the crease and Nixie Cosmetics' Latitude for highlight...i am really loving that for highlight right now! it's so buttery and blends so well!!! I lined with L'Oreal HIP creme liner in black on upper lash line, lower lashline was my usual Avaon black liner with Milani's purple liner over top of that! Also, some of the Nixie Latitude was used in the inner corners to brighten! Oh, mascara....I used L'Oreal's 3D lash achitect mascara but with the Voluminous brush, and my customized maybelline wand made to look like the sexy curves wand with Rimmel's Extra Super Lash. Yes...I'm creative that way hahahahaha.

Do you like?? Share....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lots of GOODIES!!!!! Garnier,Girlactik,Sally Hansen, Revaleskin, Milani and Maybelline

Okay, so i officially just got money and just spent said money on the following goodies haha...all i can say is it better be WELL worth it!!! :)

When I wear my hair curly, i want it to have a lot of body, at the roots, which it doesn't have...it always just gets 'poofy'...rolls eyes...which i hate! geez....but anyway, that's why i got this Garnier Bold It Power-putty, in hopes that will give me that root booster...so i'mma try that!

So I originally only went to the store to get 1 Girlactik lipgloss - Ooh La La Red, and possibly an eyeshadow from Makeup Designory, if they had it...but they didn't so i got that Girlactik eyeshadow in Haute instead...then, ended up getting the Just Sexy Lipgloss...it's so gorgeous...i love corals, it's so perfect! It's pinky, peachy, with gold shimmer! Love!!!

Ooh La La Red on top and Just Sexy below.Maybelline Seductively Nude swatch:

I've really been trying to get some new skin care products, but I can't use any regular brand past two weeks or breakout alert! If it's not natural I can't use it for a long period of time without this breakout happening... I don't know why...but I thought Revaleskin was natural when I heard about it, but I see all kinds of SLS and stuff in the ingredient listing so now I'm not sure, but I'm gonna try it out and see how it goes. I will report back!! I also didn't get the day cream because God knows I have enough of those...but I have no night cream so I just got that one, and check out the size of that facial cleanser! it's HUGE! haha It's 6 fl oz.
UPDATE!! - The facial cleanser made my face feel tight afterwards...and dry. I didn't use the moisturizer...i'm going to try that later, but still, i don't get that tight feeling with my Neutrogena Age-Reverse cleanser...(which i love, it's so creamy, has a beautiful white with gold sparkle formulation, and leaves my face soft and not tight feeling! We'll see, I'll continue using the Revaleskin anyway)

Okay so lastly, the nail polishes! I love these bright colours so I'm really excited to have gotten my hands on these. I have a really pretty pink that I made be mixing 2 polishes to get, i named it Disco Pink cuz it sometimes looks purple, then pink, then bright pink, then pink with a blue sheen....so pretty,i can't believe i made it! haha...so that's why no swatches for them but i've seen some on some other blogs. If you need to see it I will swatch it for you!! Just lemme know!
L-R _-Milani -Neon Lites, Sally Hansen -Purple Potion, Top Coat and Marine Scene.

Alrighty....let's see how these newbies work! What do you think about them?