Saturday, May 23, 2009


I always see tags for top 10 fave lip products, etc, but looking at my collection, and thinking of my overly deep love for lip goodies i could never do that...I dunno, i have too many that I seriously love....and to rank them, and pick 10 I just can't....but anyway, I got a request to reveal my collection so here goes :)

Dana Buchman makeup bag...very handy, but since it's so full it's too bulky to carry around in my handbag...but i love it!

The stash....

Kryolan Lip Shine pretty, and are long wearing too! Plus 6-in-1 how versatile is that!? Swatches are from clockwise from the top around to the gold...the middle one is just to give the ones on the outside an extra glossy look, it's red but goes on clear and has sparkle.

Lipsticks...Swatches are in order of pics:

L-R: CQ -smooth berry 255, Milani : frosted pink, royal ruby,summer sizzle, Iman-Mod, Avon Pro-To-Go - Coral, Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy - Sunburst, Estee Lauder -Sultry Blush then Rubellite, Nicole Miller-Peach silk, Milani- Luscious, MAC- Myth then High 90's slimshine, FACE Atelier- coral reef.

Click on the swatch pics for better viewing:

Lipglosses....Descriptions are inbetween products and swatches!!

Victoria's secret beauty rush lipglosses : clockwise from the white one at the bottom...
Minty lip shine, mango madness, slice of heaven, bubble it up, lotta colada (i think thats the name), fuzzy navel, tropicool, punchy and cupquake.

From top L-R: MAC 3D glasses :Apex,algorithm,wondershine, MAC lipglass pink poodle, MAC Dazzleglass : love alert, steppin' out (LOVEEEE THESE), MAC lipgelee: cool & aloof and glosspitality
Below L-R: Lancome Juicy tube-Ablaze, Sephora : Precious pink, rosy glow, bronzed beauty, Lancome Juicy Tubes Tropique Raspberry Shine

NYX Goddess of the night glosses: Gold pink, barbie pink, sunrise, salsa, french kiss

Maybelline Lipglosses:- Shine seduction: Born With It - 105 (LOVEEE), Candy Desire - 130, VolumeXL seduction : Born with it- 105, Pouty Passion- 110, Sensuous Ruby- 505 (I love all of these)
Miscellaneous loves...

Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner-014 wild clover, girlactik pout shine - Gorgeous, Girlactik star gloss- so pretty,superstar silver, the next two Nix'ie Lipglosses are Candy....i bought two and they were different...go figure... i love them both anyway! Lastly, Jordana Incolor lip jelly gloss in watermelon delite no.03

With Flash...

THERE U HAVE IT!!!!! I really didn't know i had that much, i thought i had around 30 but to count about 50 i have more on my wishlist??!!!! Alright....what are your collections like? do share!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My customized mascara wand

Okay so I was watching a Pixiwoo video and Sam was raving about the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, the evidence supporting her raves were right before my very eyes too....made me a lil distraught because, I'm in Jamaica, there is no Rimmel out for a while I would just watch the vids and it came to me, it seems that the brush has those rubber bristles like the Maybelline Define-A-Lash mascara wand. I love this mascara, one of my faves, it was my LOVE before L'Oreal's Carbon Black Voluminous came into my life....anyway, because I loved it so much I saved the brush, I don't remember why I didn't buy another one, maybe I just wanted to try out something else....anyway so I said geez I could probably make this out came the mustache scissors from my eyebrow things and I sat cutting away, trying to just make 3 'balls' on the wand....and...voila...

And nice long, think spidery (sans clumping) lashes!!!! This is the customized mascara brush with Rimmel's Extra Super Lash Mascara:

Lashes with no mascara (forgive the puffy eyes):

Happy Mothers Day!!

Awww, I hope that all the Mothers had a fab Mothers Day!

I cannot personally, begin to describe how much I love my mother and how much she means to me. I simply have never known such a love that could love beyond all the faults and mistakes that make me, me....I love you Mommy!! God blessed me when He chose you to be mmyyyyyy Mommy!

The Totally Cool makes it to my fingers....:) LOVE!! It's such a jelly-like blue-purple. Love it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yellow Nail Polish - BRUCCI Emmi & Olli Go Bananas

Hey hey hey! So i finally got my Milani Nail Polish in Totally Cool...which I showed a pic for in my last post thanks to Michele from!

But while I was off to get that, i found a nice yummy yellow, and I hadn't ever seen a yellow anywhere in JA before, so I HAD to get it! I was hesitant, because BRUCCI apparently refuses to become a part of the BIG 3 (Toulene, Dibutyl Pthalate and Formaldehyde free), but I still got it...I figure I just won't wear it as much or it will just have to do until I get a yellow that is in the BIG 3. I did find that, it was a bit hard to apply, it seems to have dried too quickly making it hard to correct while painting...if you get what I mean and on the occasion was a bit streaky but, it came out well after 2 coats!. It reminds me of Banana Bandana from OPI's Summer '09 Collection - SUNbelievable!

See pics below :)

In Natural Light:

With flash: