Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Look For All Skin Tones!!!!

Whatta gwaan ppl? :)

Bustin' out some of the real jamaican patois for you guys...:)

Okay, so being an avid youtuber, I realized that, most of the prominent makeup gurus are light skinned and of the ones that are dark skinned, in my humble opinion, aren't as good at the looks as the light skinned all in all, there are just not enough GREAT ones for the darker skinned gals. I mean let's face it, MAC ricepaper eyeshadow could potentially be too 'white' looking on someone with a NW45 complexion.

So i decided that I'm gonna do a look that will suit all skin tones.
I have done makeup on a lot of dark skinned ladies and so I have a pretty good idea of what can work on them as well as lighter skinned.

This was inspired by the Natasha Bedingfield "Soulmate" video...i love it she has a beautiful shimmery smokey brown look going on with nude that's where we're goin today...ENJOY!!

Oh...and I saw this pic of Kim Kardashian and the video can be used to create that too,
check the pic out here:

It can also be used to recreate the look that kelly clarkson used in her new video for " My Life Would Suck WIthout You".

All products used were:
Nixie Cream Foundation in Olive 1 (for reference i'm NC43/44
MAC select sheer pressed powder in NC40
REVLON bronzer

MAC melon pigment
MAC Coco beach pigment
Avon blackest black eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

Milani glossy tubes in summer fling

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