Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Latest Gathering :) a.k.a HAUL!!

Hey Ladies,

SO....indulge with me in what has been my September/October loves and gatherings :) There were other things too that I didn't include, like my organic Jojoba Oil, a new hair cream and growth oil which I'm loving....I don't post much about my hair so I didn't think I should include but if you wanna know just tell me! Not that I don't love my hair, because I LOVE MY HAIR :) haha and all it's curly goodness!!

The Jojoba Oil I was intrigued to buy after reading Gala Darling's post on it
....rightfully titled "The Elixir of the Gods" haha....she listed the benefits etc. but she had me at "this made me shine less under my makeup". She said after two nights of using this after cleansing, before moisturizing, she went to get tested for foundation at MAC and the artist was like, your skin is beautiful...something she says she never I had to has been two nights, and I CAN SEE A DIFFERENCE....just looking at my skin, the texture is really smooth and soft looking, and it feels amazingly soft....and my face is indeed less oily (as jojoba oil supposedly tricks your skin into thinking it doesn't need to produce as much oil).....I'm in love!!

So let's get to the goodies!!!

From L-R: Avon Pro-to-go in Coral (this is my second purchase i LOVE this), Maybelline Color Sensational in Pink Please, NYX lipstick in Power, L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Tawny, L'oreal Colour Juice (y'all KNOW I LOVEEE this stuff) in Grape Soda and Strawberry Smoothie, NYX lipsticks in Pecan Pie and Paris.
Swatches L-R: Avon Coral, Maybelline Pink Please, NYX Power, Paris and Pecan Pie, L'Oreal Tawny (this is a gorgeous peachy nude!!!!! i love!!!), L'oreal Grape Soda and Strawberry Smoothie colour juice lipglosses

Avon Pro-to-go in Coral (isn't it just sooo super pretty)

Maybelline Pink Please
L'Oreal Tawny lipstick, colour juice glosses in Grape Soda and Strawberry SmoothieOn to the naillllsss.....gosh, I don't think I'll be buying any more nail polishes for now! I am set! lol
And they were soo inexpensive too! Wow! Such a steal...but anyway they are:
L-R (top): Kleancolor: Barbie Pink, Neon Fuchsia, Neon Purple, Neon Yellow; Beauty Treats - Neon Pink, Art Deco - Forest Green, Brucci: Chris's Green Belt, Amelia's Amethyst ( I cannot wait to try that one sooo pretty)
L-R (below): Kleancolor : Covalt (think Lancome's Indigo) Charcoal, Brucci- TJ's Blue Suede Shoes (this is SO gorge) and the Sally Hansen Double Duty Nail Polish :)
This is Chris's Green Belt
The Art Deco Forest Green, this is actually for patterns and stuff, but I had been searching all over for a green like this so I bought it anyway and stuck a regular brush in and voila :) Chipped and had edge wear by the second day though, something which never happens with me so...I guess this doesn't have lasting power for that full on manicure!

I first smelt this last year around this time too in Ulta, I remember thinking how cookie-ish and yummy it smelt but didn't bother to indulge...a couple weeks ago, I smelt this again and it was love! It's like I'm constantly changing, nail polish colours , lip colours and fragrances I wouldn't have worn in the past I'm loving now! For me, it's really strong (which I LOVE) I love it when people can smell me, it's really sweet, vanillery (haha my word) and then it wears down to an exotic oriental woodsy scent, i truly love this!! :) Yummy!!

Someone I will forever love though is Mrs Mariah Carey Cannon ha! I love her! She basically taught me how to sing, I am forever indebted to you MC! I've been playing this LOUDLY ever since I got it...she has made me cry, smile, and for sure SIINNNGGG.....gotta love her!

That's it! :) Hope you enjoyed....


Anonymous said...

Love Mariah too! <3

tina_mbc said...

Ooooh, all those nail polishes and lipsticks!!!! Good month, huh? :)