Monday, October 19, 2009

My new OMG THIS IS GORGEOUS nude gloss!!

Okay.... I was so excited to share this with you my lovelies, but now that I'm looking around online, it seems that you may not be able to find this anywhere as this was a limited edition item. :( It's soooooo the perfect peachy pink with golden shimmer nude. It feels so good on, has a nice peppermint burst and it's just sooo pretty...I haven't like tested it through eating or anything like that but who cares about staying power lol, I love my lipglosses to have a bit of stickiness to it and this does, just a bit though, it's def not as thick as VS beauty rush l/g or Dazzleglass, it's perfect actually!!! Just as long as it's not runny/too slippery on my lips, we can talk business! I personally am not fussy like that, it feels moisturizing too, the website says it has all kinds of goodies in it like retinyl palmitate, tocopheryl acetate, ascrobyl palmitate, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, rosa canina fruit extract, avocado fruit extract, mallow extract, sunflower seed extract, matricaria extract and peppermint oil. Thankfully, it also has my fave type of applicator, a brush :) When I first opened it I was like, why does it smell like that, I was actually was like a mix between mint and chemical LOL, I was like okay, let me test it on the back of my hand, the colour was so gorgeous....I put it on my lips right away.....and I fell in love! I then realized the thing had peppermint in, I could feel the cooling sensation on my lips, I think it plumped them up too!! I don't smell it when it's on my lips though, unless I'm like reallllly trying lol.

This is the Almay's Whipped Lipgloss in Shining Bare:

(The dang lipgloss rolled right before the pic hiding the name lol but this was the best pic I had in terms of capturing the shade)

Here it is on my lips. Now my lips are really I could only pray and hope that this actually would show up on me, to my fabulous surprise it did, and I remember having an Almay whipped gloss in the past and I remember not liking you understand this was a risk for me lolol....but being less than US$10 I thought I'd try it, esp since I always have to mix things to get a colour like this. I'M SOOOO GLAD I decided to give this a whirl! I'm in love....about to go scout for backups!

The good thing about this kind of colour in the US/UK is I'm sure it's readily available if this is in fact no longer available....but in Jamaica....THIS is DEF not your everyday trip to the drugstore type of find....nope, for eg. out here, they have every shade in the Revlon Matte lipstick collection EXCEPT Nude Attitude! Good thing I got it on my NY trip!!!! And this is because the distribution company decided not to bring that one in, I guess they think no one would buy it....HELLO!!! some of us Jamaicans actually love Nude lips!! Geez....anyway, have a nice day ladies, it's National Heroes Day here and so I have hubby all to myself today haha ;)
I just love holidays!! :)


Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant said...

I love that gloss color.

Charlene said...

isn't it gorge!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's so lovely!

Charlene said...

it is!!! so pretty i love it!

tina_mbc said...

Pink milky loveliness!!!!