Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maybelline Mascara Showdown!

On left eye (your left) : Upper lashes- Lash Stiletto, Lower Lashes- Colossal, On right eye : Upper lashes - Pulse Perfection and on Lower Lashes- Lash Stiletto
(click it to see it closer)
My lashes without anything on them :)

So my thoughts??

Of all three, Lash Stiletto is the one I love the most! It gives me lots of length and even volume!! I seriously love this one!!!

Okay, I'm trying not to be biased because I have the Lancome Oscillation mascara (thanks to DE from - I won this) but Pulse Perfection didn't come close for me! I don't know if this is because the formula is waterproof...since I haven't used waterproof in a while, I have no idea if they are usually a bit drier in formulation than regular mascaras... but this certainly didn't give my lashes any drama! The button requires much more effort as well than Oscillation, and I could see this annoying some ppl. I mean I had to seriously use strength to press this thing, whereas with Oscillation you just barely touch it and its good to go! ANDDD if I didn't have Oscillation, I still wouldn't be over the moon with this mascara....I much prefer Lash Stiletto or my all time fave for Maybelline the Define-a-lash Volume! I remember the first time I used the Oscillation mascara, I almost jumped out my skin because my lashes looked sooooo false!!! Geez I got tons of length and at first sight practically....not to mention the wonders of going over the lashes after with the Lancome Hypnose mascara that for me is magic! I think my next mascara purchase will be Hypnose!

Colossal I didn't love the first time I tried at a beauty supplies store, but decided to try it anyway! And I must say it's really not that bad lol! I love this one too, maybe not as much as Lash Stiletto but this one impressed me more than Pulse Perfection....for sure! I know that in the pic I only have it on the lower lashes but actually, for me, this is where it counts! If a mascara doesn't make those lower lashes look like they came right off of a doll..don't even bother with it! LOL! I think Colossal did a much better job on the lower lashes than the Lash Stiletto tho, based on the pic especially! So...just goes to show, don't knock it till you tried it! :)


Kiss N' Makeup Designz said...

great combo! Love your re-do Charlene. :D

Shumpy said...

I use stiletto and it works wonders for me...