Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NOTD & Cutesy Sandals!

Hi hotties! I know it's been forever, I even missed Touching Thursdays last week....but with my 12 hr work days last week, it was almost impossible to get anything done....I was of no use to anyone except the models haha. WOW, that sounds awful, I'm sorry hubby, you were so patient and gracious throughout this whole thing. I love you!!

I got a beautiful set of girls to work with, I can't post any pics yet until the show airs, bummer, I mean, 3 weeks of creating different looks on 7 girls everyday, sometimes twice a day, really got my creative juices going! I came up with some of the most gorgeous looks I've ever done....and they really loved my work, and had complete faith in me. One gorgeous model, said that she doesn't even need a mirror when I do her face, she just trusts me that much, now that makes me feel GOOD!

Now for the goodies....I got a ton of NYX nailpolishes, i'll NOTD them as I get around to them, about 6 in all, and 2 China Glazes. I have always loved China Glaze, but I'm barely in the area of the store that sells them anymore, but I went there yesterday and it wasn't hard to choose these 2, since I'm loving these bright colors, and the rest were just pinks....n God knows I've got a ton of those!

ANYWHO, here they are :) (L-R: Passion in the Pacific, Sexy in the City) Obviously I'm wearing Passion in the pacific on my finger nails...i love it so much!

In sunlight:

Anddddd the sandals....:) So affordable, less than US$20, and so comfy!!! :) Pls pardon the' badly in need of shaving' legs lol....

Nailpolish on toes : ~NYX Cancun Pink untop of Milani's Tropical Fiesta~


Anonymous said...

Ooo! How pretty!

Charlene said...

thanks hon!! :)

Citrine said...

China glaze makes some of the best teal ever...Last week I was trying to dig up the "custom kick" in ulta and they were all sold out...I hope they keep some cream teal in their permanent line...