Thursday, August 6, 2009

Touching Thursdays: When You Least Expect It!

Hey dolls,

How are you? I'm so tired, doing some really looooonng hours for this project I'm doing makeup for...fortunately, it's a good experience and it came at a time when I needed it! I'm really grateful and thankful for it!

As a result, I'm almost knocking the laptop over falling asleep hahaha. On another note, I recorded a trance song last night, and I mean, it's only because I put myself out there on youtube, and a local DJ heard my songs and sent me the track to listen to why I got this chance. This was last Thursday, when I was writing about believing in yourself and all the drama at the job. The track came when I least expected it, but right on time, I was in a space mentally and emotionally that allowed me to bring forth words the song. I'll let y'all hear it once it's done!!!! Sometimes, no everytime, I find that this is how it works, unless you are willing to drop certain guards and put your talents out there, how will you be discovered?

When was the last time something truly unexpected happened for you just when you needed it most?

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