Thursday, August 20, 2009

Touching Thursdays: What Have I Done For Me Lately?

Hey ladies!!!! How are you doing today?

Did anyone watch Sister Act 2? If so, can you remember when they sang that song "What have you done for me lately?"...although in this case, we are asking ourselves the question....but that's where it stemmed from.

I battled, well not really... that's a strong word, with what to write about today. I was blank! (Hmmm....writer's block?) But as I sat here it just came to me, I should write about taking care of ourselves. In my last post I spoke about how working for 12 hours each day made me of little use to also meant some crazy eating times, which if this had continued for another week I might've gotten sick! Now don't get me wrong, I'm very appreciative that they provided breakfast, lunch and snacks, but the actual time that I got around to eating is a whole different story! I might've taken on too much when it wasn't necessary but I believe it the time, i guess. No regrets!

So, now that it's over, I'm reflecting and thinking do we take care of ourselves enough? It's only if we are in perfect health and shape, mentally, emotionally and physically that we can bring any form of joy or help to anyone else. So today, ask yourself this question, what have I done for me lately? If you can't recall, then please, do something for yourself asap! Pamper yourself a little, give yourself a facial, (recession in mind or I might've said have a spa day), I dunno give yourself a lovely pedicure or manicure, tell yourself, "Self, I love you, you are the bestest self in the whole world!" :) That oughta getcha goin'!

The last thing I did for myself was get those cutesy sandals and the 2 nail polishes and something else which I'm so excited to blog about (soooon) ! Alrighty, let me hear what you've done or are going to do for yourself!!

Oh....Usain has done it again! I'm so proud to be a Jamaican!!!! 2 di werl'!!!!

One love my beauties!


Anonymous said...

i love the sister acts movies...its sad that woopie has no eye brows lol but ur beautiful y dont u model please model

Charlene said...

Haha Thanks so much for your kind words! Maybe I will!! ;) xo

Shumpy said...

I love!