Thursday, July 30, 2009

Touching Thursdays : Believe in yourself!

This week has been a great one so far, of course, not short of trials and challenges in the least! But these things come to help us grow right? We need that for sure!

Today I wanted to talk a little about believeing in one's self. When you're in an environment where you don't necessarily have a support system and people are voicing their opinions about your work and how they would prefer it, whether or not it is flattering on them (yes i'm talking about makeup, but this can be applied in general), it can be frustrating. Especially, when they are all wearing red, and want crazy blue eyeshadows and all that jazz....(yes, I'm venting). This is for a tv show, not carnival, not a photo shoot, not an editorial that requires it me? I mean I thought that neutrals, golds, bronzes, smokey eyes best complimented red dresses....I just need some loveee....funnily, it's just one or two of my models that give me this headache...thank GOD for the others, who can appreciate the fact that yes, I would love to get away with the craziness on them but because of this red dress, it just can't be done...not to mention when a friend betrays you....I feel a little overwhelmed right now, but I can also say Charlene, you are awesome, you are blessed and favoured and you are doing well...i've heard :) (i'm just humbling myself....) Right now, it is my belief in myself, in my skills, that is carrying me through, I feel to cry some how...I'm emotional that way, but I also know that this is coming to get me stronger! It's a learning experience that I will count all joy~

So count it all joy ladies, that these trials come to make us stronger, and when no one else around you is willing to be your rock, remember, believe in yourself! You are beautiful, one of a kind, created just right, talented, skilled and well able.


Anonymous said...

I love your Touching Thursday posts! I think that they're inspiring and they make my day soo much better <3

Charlene said...

omg and you just touched my thursday! thanks so much Y!!!


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Don't let anybody steal your joy!

P.G.Rose said...

Charlene i must say that i really like your work and after following your work on facebook what i would see in the paper on youtube and others really made me got into the makeup business, you maybe can say you insirpired me to become a makeup artist. i remember when you did my make-up for a photoshoot with Tiffany and at that time i was obsessed with makeup and i did a course after. I just wanted to say thanks and keeping doing great makeup.

Charlene said...

Hey Peta Gay! Thanks so much!! That means sooo much to me!!! I wish you all the best in the makeup biz!