Thursday, June 18, 2009

Touching Thursdays: Be Someone's Encourager - Christine Kane

In our beauty blogging world of beauty, it's also so important to develop the beauty we were born with, the one on the inside, the one that exudes no matter what our outer beauty is like....the spirit deep within us. So I came up with Touching Thursdays, every Thursday I will post something encouraging, inspiring and motivating, that hopefully will touch you, my lovely readers!

Today, I want to share with you a post from one of the inspirational blogs I subscribe to -

I love anything that will inspire me as a woman, and person, mentally, spiritually & I wanted to share this with all of you beautiful women!

You can click on the link to be led to her post or read it below...

Today’s guest post was written by Sue Ludwig, a neonatal occupational therapist and a published poet. Sue is a consultant to neonatal intensive care units around the country and a national speaker. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
-Edith Wharton

We all need an encourager.

Someone who is truly happy for our successes. Someone who reminds us how strong and powerful we are when we feel momentarily defeated.

Encouragers don’t promise rainbows and sunshine. They promise presence, wisdom and great energy.

They choose to be the mirror that reflects our light.

Using that clear, nonjudgmental, revealing mirror, they reintroduce us to ourselves.

Our encouragers never see us as less than we are. When we’re writhing around in self-pity, they stand a few feet away waiting until we’re over our fit. We look up and there they are again holding the mirror.

We see we’re simply so much more than that moment.

We get up, brush ourselves off, and thank them.

Christine is an amazing encourager. In part because she set the intention to be such a person. And in part because it brings her such joy to reflect another’s light and watch it multiply.

The best way to show gratitude for your encouragers is to be one yourself.

I originally wrote this poem for someone who needed such encouragement. She had spiraled to a place where she could no longer see her true powerful self. The poem made her cry not because she couldn’t believe she was wonderful, but because deep down she knew it to be true.

Please send it on to anyone who needs your encouragement. Reflect their light and watch it spread.


You will begin to feel your weariness abate.

Your loneliness, your brokenness is being mended
carefully, slowly,
so as to remain steadfast over time.

Your fears are being replaced
by the pure power
of love
like spring rain,
like a waterfall cascading over your shoulders
with its raw beauty and power.

Your strength will awaken
like the first sight of sun after
days of rain
and you will stand
in awe of your forgotten self,
the self who kept you moving
one foot in front of the other
through these years of pain.

You will begin to realize what your soul
has known all along

you have always been whole
always been loved.

You are in need of healing
not in need of perfecting,

a gift to those in your life
who will always be blessed
by the incredible wonder

of you.

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