Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lots of GOODIES!!!!! Garnier,Girlactik,Sally Hansen, Revaleskin, Milani and Maybelline

Okay, so i officially just got money and just spent said money on the following goodies haha...all i can say is it better be WELL worth it!!! :)

When I wear my hair curly, i want it to have a lot of body, at the roots, which it doesn't have...it always just gets 'poofy'...rolls eyes...which i hate! geez....but anyway, that's why i got this Garnier Bold It Power-putty, in hopes that will give me that root booster...so i'mma try that!

So I originally only went to the store to get 1 Girlactik lipgloss - Ooh La La Red, and possibly an eyeshadow from Makeup Designory, if they had it...but they didn't so i got that Girlactik eyeshadow in Haute instead...then, ended up getting the Just Sexy Lipgloss...it's so gorgeous...i love corals, it's so perfect! It's pinky, peachy, with gold shimmer! Love!!!

Ooh La La Red on top and Just Sexy below.Maybelline Seductively Nude swatch:

I've really been trying to get some new skin care products, but I can't use any regular brand past two weeks or breakout alert! If it's not natural I can't use it for a long period of time without this breakout happening... I don't know why...but I thought Revaleskin was natural when I heard about it, but I see all kinds of SLS and stuff in the ingredient listing so now I'm not sure, but I'm gonna try it out and see how it goes. I will report back!! I also didn't get the day cream because God knows I have enough of those...but I have no night cream so I just got that one, and check out the size of that facial cleanser! it's HUGE! haha It's 6 fl oz.
UPDATE!! - The facial cleanser made my face feel tight afterwards...and dry. I didn't use the moisturizer...i'm going to try that later, but still, i don't get that tight feeling with my Neutrogena Age-Reverse cleanser...(which i love, it's so creamy, has a beautiful white with gold sparkle formulation, and leaves my face soft and not tight feeling! We'll see, I'll continue using the Revaleskin anyway)

Okay so lastly, the nail polishes! I love these bright colours so I'm really excited to have gotten my hands on these. I have a really pretty pink that I made be mixing 2 polishes to get, i named it Disco Pink cuz it sometimes looks purple, then pink, then bright pink, then pink with a blue sheen....so pretty,i can't believe i made it! haha...so that's why no swatches for them but i've seen some on some other blogs. If you need to see it I will swatch it for you!! Just lemme know!
L-R _-Milani -Neon Lites, Sally Hansen -Purple Potion, Top Coat and Marine Scene.

Alrighty....let's see how these newbies work! What do you think about them?


bubblegarm said...

u look gorgeous, love that eyeshadow! xx

Charlene said...

thanks hon, it makes a difference with your comment! :) it's only u that posts 'em so it means a lot, it's true motivation. thanks so much!
Do you have the 88 pallette? I used the neutral matte ones from that palette for my eyes and a milani eyeliner the green one...do u get milani over there?