Friday, June 5, 2009

LOTN - Look of the NIGHT!

Helloooo beauties! Last night, I went to a dinner and grand opening of a newly refurbished store that a close family friend owns, and the dresscode was formal. I didn't have a clue what to wear and I was taking pics of myself in outfits and sending to cousins, friends...for opinions haha...i needed it asap! Anyway, I decided on a lovely regal shade of purple satin top, with tied to the side, H&M black pants ( I LOVE THEM) and threw in the belt (iridiscent purple stones) for some sass and well the shoes dressed it up even more...the bag is Nine West, I wish I had a clutch for that real classy look but such is life!! (That's me and my sis Lisa) My sis, bro and I sang at the event...My sister is so talented, she MADE that dress!

My Lady Gaga glasses:
Close up: I used Revlon's Colorstay Foundation in 360, Nixie Ivory 7 for concealer but it's really a creme foundation, Revlon Bronzer for contour and Nicole Miller blush-Peach Satin, lipgloss was one I made myself know, being broke really unleashes your creative skills! I blended up pinks and peaches with gold and clear glosses to create the perfect coral that I have always works because I can control how much pink it has or how much peach....anyway, at this point i might've layered some VS Beauty Rush lipgloss in Mango Madness over it, which is a baby pink with silver sparkle so...that's that for that! :)

A close up pic of the eyes. I used the new Girlactik eyeshadow in Haute that I blogged about the other day on the lid, and MAC Grey Grape in the crease and Nixie Cosmetics' Latitude for highlight...i am really loving that for highlight right now! it's so buttery and blends so well!!! I lined with L'Oreal HIP creme liner in black on upper lash line, lower lashline was my usual Avaon black liner with Milani's purple liner over top of that! Also, some of the Nixie Latitude was used in the inner corners to brighten! Oh, mascara....I used L'Oreal's 3D lash achitect mascara but with the Voluminous brush, and my customized maybelline wand made to look like the sexy curves wand with Rimmel's Extra Super Lash. Yes...I'm creative that way hahahahaha.

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bubblegarm said...

u look gorgeous! x

Charlene said...

thanks a lot hon!

Karen said...

you look greatt!
that outfit suits you so well

Charlene said...

oh thanks Karen, :) nice to meet u :)