Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey! Hey! Heyyyyy!!!

Gracious me, it's September ALREADY!!! It's been about two weeks since I posted an entry, I know, it's because I have been away for the past two weeks. I went to Boston, Worcester, and NY then back to Boston to come back to JA!

It was really a great time, I went up for a Gospel Concert in Boston which was such a blessing! God works in mysterious ways I tell you, and when we don't understand what is taking place, just trust and you will see it all come together. The only sad thing was I had to leave hubby for the ten days and I'd never left him like that you can imagine the reunion when I got back home right? hahahahaha It's soooo great to be home!

Okay back to the fun part, when I got to NY the REAL shopping started! All the things I'd ever read about online and all the collections and all the drugstore products that are not in Jamaica...this was now my chance to browse and see for myself. It was soooo great to see all the things I'd read about for so long! I bought a bunch of stuff...from Revlon lipsticks, the infamous Nude Attitude from the Matte Collection, finally I was able to get the Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara, and thanks to GinaBinaWina99 from Youtube I also got the Glam Eyes lash flirt mascara and the Jordana fabuliner! The fabuliner seems great!!! I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but because it's a pen it seems to give lots of control helping you to make the best line possible. I bought two of those just in case I fell in love, I mean it's only $1.99 I wish I bought the remaining 3 haha. I also got some L'Oreal Color Juice sheer glosses - Bubblegum and Tutti Frutti. I couldn't find Bubblegum out here anywhere!!! So that was the first thing i looked for when I got to the drugstore! They are both so pretty and I love my lipglosses sticky, to me that means they will last longer on my lips, and I wore Tutti Fruti one day from about 11:30am till about 6pm and I was snacking and all that and it was still in place. ANDDD it is SUCH a pretty pink!!
I also finally got MAC's Fix +, Blanc Type eyeshadow, a Studio Fix Powder (duty free from the airport), and 2 Dazzleglasses! I LOVEEEE these!! I got Rue D' Rouge and Rags to Riches! Sooo pretty! MY HG for right now are Dazzleglasses. Maybe when I get to owning a YSL, Chanel or Guerlain I will change my mind ;) .
I also got some Jordana eyeliners, which are sooo creamy. I can't believe it!! I will be looking out for some more out here! I also got some of the Victoria's Secret lipglosses, soooo pretty!!!! I'm sure you all know and have tons of those!!
I went to Sephora too, and had a heck of a time! I didn't buy anything though, but it was good to see things in person so now I can buy online! I tried the MUFE Duo Matt Powder Foundation and loved that!!!
On the fashion front, I also got some sweeeet deals on clothes and shoes. It seems I went to the US at the RIGHT time!!! My suitcase weighed like 48 lbs, i went up with 26 a carry on bag with clothes in case you know, you don't get your suitcase! I got lots of tops and dresses and shoes!!! Just what I wanted!! I'm talking about going to Macy's and getting a beautiful dress on sale for $4.99!!!!

This has been long but I just had to share!!!! I'll share some pics soon!!!Alright ladies, hope you all are just as great since the last time I wrote! Let me know how you beauties are doin!!

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