Friday, September 18, 2009

NYC HAULAGE!!!! (and pics)

Hey ladies, so you know I was away for a lil bit, earlier this month...and here are the goodies!

This was hubby and I on our anniversary vacation. :)

....home at last hahaha

My cousin, sister and I at the Village Underground in NY
My Lisa, Lesa and I

in TIMES SQUARE BABY (it's my first visit to NY, see with me)
I thought this was cute lol oh and I know the sweater has nothing to do with my outfit but it was soooo cold and it was the only "small enough to hold in my bag" sweater I had!!
I just had to capture this

I know it needs rotating but you know what this is!!!! The largest dept store on earth haha
We met some prettttyy cool ppl who can ssinnnnggggg dang it!

Chaz Shepherd or Trey from The Game on CW :) I didn't even know it was him at this point, he sang and I was soooo blessed I was like I need a pic to remember this dude!!
Okie, hope you ennjoyeeddddd


tina_mbc said...

You 're looking gorgeous on every single photo!

And my my , that haul and al those lip products...! :))


Charlene said...

haha thanks hon!!! Yes girl, I love all of them!!! Thank God for CVS and their bogo! haha

Sofee said...

love ur haul!!! u got so many goodies..and u look like u had an amazingggg time!!

Charlene said...

yesssss i did (to both ur comments)!!!!! thanks girl

Meya said...

lovely pictures!! looks like you had tons of fun and so many goodies =)

london said...

nice blog, i hope you enjoyed the big city

Charlene said...

Thanks Meya and London!! I did enjoy it!!! Very much sooo!