Friday, July 24, 2009

11 things that make me happy

1. GOD and His surprises

2. My Hubby...with him, there's never a dull moment! (Also and of course my family, they are HILARIOUS!)

3. MUSIC!...that's my escape right there, check out my myspace for a music video that was in rotation in Jamaica, NOTE: this was about 5 yrs ago, it was a no budget vid, we were just having fun but it got played and one TV station recognized as me a "breakout artist". That was super exciting. :) The myspace also has some home studio recordings (not my home studio, a friend's)

4. The Beach....the scent of sunblock/suntan lotion (u'll notice my Banana Boat spray suntan lotion very close by!)

5. Smoothies - Dirty Banana anyone?

6. LIPGLOSS! really - I have a facebook group with most of my work on there, the group is Charlene Gordon makeup. (That's Rimmel's Lipstick in Airy Fairy on my lips)

7. Dressing up

8. I love going on the road, if you wanna go to the grocery store or just walk the mall, I'm you're girl!

9. The gift of giving, I love receiving presents and compliments, but I also love to give them, any chance I get!

10. Sitting home alone...I love being home alone, I get a thrill from it, sometimes I just need my space and home is my territory, I don't want just any and anyone in my home....I'm funny that way.

11. Indulging in the moment, I know, it sounds RECKLESS haha, but I mean it in a good way! Let down your hair, kick off your heels type of indulging! :)

If you wanna do this then you're tagged! :)


tina_mbc said...

Great post girl! ;)

I tried to open the link, but I couldn't get it to work for me...


Charlene said...

thanks honey!! :)i fixed it!

Anonymous said...

Charlene you have a BEAUTIFUL voice! Move your waistline to the baseline...I heard that! You better do it honey! This is truly your gift! Can't wait to buy your album!