Thursday, July 2, 2009

Touching Thursdays : Do What You Can With What You Have

This kinda just came to me just a time of despair where the recession looms with no end in sight, so many are laid off, the bills are piling up....etc. It's really easy to give up! But remember that when you were born, there were talents you were born with, whether it be a natural knack for crafts, music, a beautiful voice, whatever it may be, sometimes our greatest resources are the very things we look over....inadvertently maybe, but maybe also because we don't think we're good enough. I say, just do it! Reminded by the death of a legend, we realize that we have to make the most of right now.

So what do you have that you can use? I have my voice, I've been singing since I was born, and yet, I'm so scared sometimes to sing....I'm trying to overcome that and I'm trying to use what God gave me before I lose it! Along with makeup ie.

Let's see what we have, and see what we can do with it!


bubblegarm said...

very well said! :) x

Charlene said...

thanks honey :)

Anonymous said...

Amen! What do you do then...if you haven't exactly discovered what your talent is?

Charlene said...

I did think about that, when I was writing this, I know a lot of people that think that they don't have a talent that they were definetly born with...that they know of, but sometimes, our talents are deep, like your talent could be building others up, or helping people....seriously, and those kind of ppl are necessary! thanks love!