Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hello lovelies!! So the craziness continues with the round lipsticks.....but before I get to that, the NOTD, is a shade I created using a darker purple, white and a purpley-pink...I have an obsession with China Glaze's Spontaneous, but I have never seen it out here so I made what I think it looks like based on my computer's pixelation (if that's even the terminology lol)!

Alright, so the craze continues, I think in all, I have about 23 NYX Round Lipsticks now, so there will be one more post with pics and everything. I didn't get them all at once so that's why I'm putting them in parts.
These lipsticks are so creamy, and moisturizing, I'm really impressed, and the beauty of it, is the array of colours that one can choose from and I got them for like the equivalent of US$1.20 which is great!!!!! No tax or shipping nothing. I'm so glad I was able to find these and in a couple of the shades I'd been lemming...except Indian Pink! I think I definetly have favourites now, they are Perfect, Herades, Watermelon, B52, Frappucino, Miracle, Margerita, Tea, Pumkin Pie, Chloe, Eros and Louisiana.

L-R: Frappucino, Mars, Georgia, Watermelon


Frappucino on lips ( I LOVEE!)
Mars on lips


Georgia on lips

Watermelon on lips ( I really love this for a pinky gold nude I'm thinking it could be the indian pink for the NC42 complexion...but I haven't seen Indian Pink so...this is just an assumption)

Alrighty, stick around for more soon!!!


bubblegarm said...

omg they look AMAZING! I want those 4!!!

tina_mbc said...

Love the first two!

Wait, there's another round? wow! lol! :)


Catanya said...

Wow! I love those nails!!!

Charlene said...

@ bubblegarm, they are gorgeous! I'm sure they'll fit you beautifully!

@ Tina yes girl, and there could possibly be 2 more rounds unless i combine them haha....

@ Catanya thanks hon! :)