Friday, July 17, 2009


Okay....the finale...for now anyway :) This time around, i was looking for true skin toned nude colours, so that means browns that could pass for my match in a with the exception of Darling, that would mean Tea and Perfect Taupe.....(that's what they had) otherwise, I would've tried Echo, Honey, Rea or Circe (tho the latter might have been lighter than my skintone) but you get the point. :)

L-R: Darling, Perfect Taupe, Tea

Darling on lips
Perfect Taupe on lips ( a little too dark for me but can be made more wearable with a lighter nude gloss)
Tea on lips (perfect!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Tea is the business! Loving it! Unfortunately, my Ulta only sells a few select colors and none of them are flattering on me. And I refuse to pay all that s&h for one lipstick...sigh! I'm guessing we have similar skin tones since I wear the same color Revlon Foundation that you do. Guess I'll have to travel a bit and check out Sephora for that lipstick (although technically I guess I'd be spending extra money on gas anyway...Dang!).

tina_mbc said...

Those nudes are gorgeous!!!!

You did a great job with the NYX post series! :)))


Charlene said...

thanks ladies!! xo

@livelove I hope you find it!!! or a dupe even :)